Users' journey mapping and architecture information mentorship

During the two week acceleration Ggoogle event in Mountain View we UX mentored 24 startups from Brazil, India and Indonesia in UX. Kerjabilitas is one great example of the use of design sprint method, usability testing and mapping of the pervasive user's journey in the system. The entire information architecture and flow task was recreated based on their specific contexts of use. Kerjabilitas helps disabled indonesians to start a new job, sometimes their first job. The startup has been fastly growing and is one of the most celebrated startups in their country. Other Indonesian startups that have hapidly grown from the program are Haruka Edu, e-Fishery e Seekmi.

Indian startups that have been showing also great achievememnts are HolaChef, Just Ride, Doormint and Nestaway. And some examples of brazilian startups that also have received UX mentoring and share great experiences are Cuponeria, AgorSmart, Qranio, Hand Talk and UpBeat Games.

Project:Information Architecture mentorship

Interview with UpBeat Startup, from Brazil