UX and Usability


UX Design

Strategies for experience

Projects for user experience are diverse in complexity and aproach, and each challenge brings a different path. From usability testing to UX strategy, th eutimate goal is to create a journey of experience and make people fall in love with your product. Some projects that exemplify this diversity are:
- lectures and workshops about usability, evaluation tecniques and design thinking for companies and project teams. E.g. Fiocruz
- usability evaluation and research of user mental mode to estabilish strategies. E.g. Spotcases, Fiocruz and
- information architecture development. E.g. students and faculty sections of Econometrics postgraduate program of Fundação Getúlio Vargas
- interaction strategies and information architecture. E.g. portal G5
- users' expectations mapping and service design strategies. E.g. Rio Boulevard Tour

Advantages of user centered design projects

1. Complex systems with proper investment in UX Design can bring easiness of use to both clients and employes, increaing efficiency, decreasing the need of constant adjustments instigating users to come back for a positive experience.

2. Startups who can't waist time and need to invest in the right path, user centered design can help focus on what really matters.

3. Entrepreneurships with low budget and focused on product release, can count on an experienced UX designer to create interaction structures that amplify the impact of the product.

4. Long term projects can benefit from integrated interaction architecture to help decisions on the project management and directives.

Clients: Fiocruz, EPGE-FGV, G5, SpotCases, Kerjabilitas, AgroSmart, Jojonomics, Holachef etc
Project: Usability evaluation, UX strategies, Information architecture and User mapping